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The ideal destination for summer 2022 

is not just a dream

Contea dei Ciliegi

The Holiday Resort Contea dei Ciliegi is in Pedaso,

a small village on the Adriatic coast in the south of Marche Region

and it has all the fundamental elements that position it

in first place for a natural social distancing:

- houses with independent entrances,

- 80,000 m2 of natural park,

- receptivity for up to 10 families.


Safety first

As an additional precaution for social distancing, we have automated some procedures in order to allow, if desired, a reduction in the contact between guests and Reception staff.

the owner Luigi Bruti

Check in

Delivery of identity documents:

it can also take place in advance of arrival, by filling-in online data within our portal, without therefore the need to go to the Reception of the structure.


Automatic opening of the entrance gate:

upon arrival, guests can independently open the entrance gate by means of a code sent during the booking confirmation


Autonomous collection of access cards to the apartment:

each entrance to the apartments has been equipped with a small safety box with a combination code and guests can collect their access cards independently by means of the code previously sent .



Return of access cards:

they can be left directly inside the apartment.



It can be done by online transfer or Paypal, without going to the Reception.



Sent directly to your email address.

... and about the swimming pool ?

Piscina Giorno1 (1).jpg

Salt treatment disinfection:

In addition to being more environmentally friendly, more comfortable and less irritating than chlorine pools, this technique also offers the advantage of automatic disinfection.


The pool water is slightly salty (between 5 and 6 grams of salt per liter, i.e. 9 times less than sea water) and the chloride ions present in the electrolysis reaction using titanium electrodes in the water they are transformed into gaseous chlorine, a powerful disinfectant that dissolves immediately in the water for a natural disinfection.


The natural chlorine thus formed is an extremely effective disinfectant to eliminate microorganisms (bacteria, algae, etc.); this natural chlorine is distributed in the tank through the return nozzles and effectively treats the pool water continuously.

CONTEA DEI CILIEGI The Shelter of Senses

CONTEA DEI CILIEGI The Shelter of Senses

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CONTEA DEI CILIEGI Video Tour (English)

CONTEA DEI CILIEGI Video Tour (English)

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